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Welcome to Doctor's Defense, the physician's choice for natural ways to help your skin's appearance with safe herbal remedies.  ZEN FUSION CLEAR SKIN FORMULA is herbal and derived from plants.  It is safe enough for sensitive baby's skin, yet powerful enough to help the most difficult skin problems.  The formula is derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and tested by physicians in our California office.  It is truly the best of East meets West. 

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 " Zen Fusion Clear Skin Formula is absolutely the most impressive herbal cream that I have ever come across in my life.  It clears red skin more effectively than any medicine that I have prescribed.  Every patient that I have tried it on has been back for more because they finally found something that works for their problem skin. If you have problem red skin conditions, such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Baby Eczema, or inflamed Acne, then Doctor's Defense is the solution for you. " 

Dr. Nguyen

Thanks for all the feedback, I wanted to post some of the response that we've been getting this year.  Keep it coming, thanks! 

 Actual Customer Feedback for Zen Fusion

"My husband has been to 6 different dermtologists, has tried every prescription cream and medicine currently available, has tried over the counter creams, and has tried natural products---NOTHING has ever worked.....until we found your product!!!!! IT WORKS!! PRAISE GOD!!"


Honestly, this is the typical feedback that we got during all testing phases from patients.  and now customers.

"Searching the internet desperate for help with my rosacea sensitive skin this product is a miracle!  Thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


The M word for miracle.  Sometimes people say Magical.  Either way, "the M" is a good letter to describe Zen Fusion.

"Your stuff is great, and my severe psoriasis on my hands is very much under control now"


Thanks, Zen Fusion works great for hand problems

"Working nicely...elbows rash is improving and getting less flaky. Would recommend to others with similar rash problems"


It's nice to wear short sleeves again isn't it? 

"Thank god for this...god bless not change your formula...don't let corruption change you"


Um, not sure what that last part means, but I love it!  Really funny comment.  We won't be corrupted

"Love love love this product.. thank you!!!"


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The Doctor's Defense product line was born with the belief that many common problems could be helped with the powerful herbs and elements supplied by nature. It is our goal to develop products that are natural, holistic, and safe.  These pictures may seen too good to be true for such tough skin problems, but all of these are real before and after pictures from patients in our clinic.  The results were jaw dropping for the doctors as well and that's why it was brought to market for everyone to benefit from nature's remedy.  Patients come back asking for the "miracle cream" over and over again.  Try the "miracle cream" yourself and be thrilled with your skin once again.




BEFORE ZEN FUSION                                         AFTER ZEN FUSION

There are many hard to treat inflammatory skin disorders, such Eczema, Psoriasis, Baby Eczema, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Rosacea.  Many of the typical medicines used to fight inflammation have side effects or are ineffective.  Topical and Oral Steroids, Elidel, Methotrexate, Coal Tar, Dovonex, Biologic medicines (Enbrel, Humira, Remicade)  can carry a spectrum of side effects that range from annoying and cosmetic to severe and life threatening.






There was a large void in effective, natural solutions until Doctor’s Defense came along with a revolutionary product that is 100% gimmick free. ZEN FUSION CLEAR SKIN FORMULA is a natural herbal cream that improves the appearance of inflamed skin and is gentle enough for babies. Our other product, ZEN FUSION HC FORMULA, is approved for the treatment of eczema and psoriasis.  The powerful properties of our ZEN FUSION HC FORMULA will help your skin’s defenses overcome the frustration, the itch, the redness, and the embarrassment of red, inflamed skin due to eczema, psoriasis, or seborrhea. There is no known cure for these inflammatory conditions, but Doctor's Defense can help your skin safely and quickly become clear again. Your body will fight the lesions more effectively and keep the RED OUT!




 BEFORE ZEN FUSION                                                            AFTER ZEN FUSION

Doctor’s Defense offers a natural, safe way to get skin inflammation out. It is a true bargain, considering the cost, pain, and side effects from ineffective drugs or creams that are typically prescribed. Patients universally love Zen Clear Skin Formula and we think that you will too or your money back. Whether the disease is new to you or if you failed many other options (as most people have!), please give us a try and I think that you will be thrilled with the results. Compare our actual pictures, testimonials, and case studies to the competition and I am sure that you will trust the Doctor’s Defense to help your skin become delightful again.




 BEFORE ZEN FUSION                                                                AFTER ZEN FUSION


ZEN FUSION CLEAR SKIN FORMULA is a safe, natural product derived from plants.  Become a believer today, save yourself the stress of many failed other products.  Your purchase is absolutely 100% guaranteed or your money back for up to one full year.  We are very confident and back it up with a full year trial.




BEFORE ZEN FUSION                                                 AFTER ZEN FUSION


Babies and moms love our formula that does not carry steroids and gently improves baby's skin.  No more itching, no more crying at night because of irritated skin, no more greasy scalps or bumpy red cheeks.






BEFORE ZEN FUSION                                                         AFTER ZEN FUSION





















Psoriasis cures are hard to come by.  Many people end up trying many psoriasis treatments from doctors or other psoriasis remedies from friends and neighbors to help clear lesions.  The best psoriasis treatments often come from herbal remedies for psoriasis.  In fact, many treatments are derived from nature because plants and other organisms evolve over thousands of years to fight illnesses and invaders, such as cancer, infections, and auto-immune disorders, such as psoriasis or eczema.  Doctor’s Defense has harnessed the most powerful of these herbal treatments for psoriasis and brought it a click away from your fingertips.  It is believed that the best psoriasis treatment is herbal psoriasis treatment because natural psoriasis treatments often avoid the side effects of medicines, such as Enbrel, for psoriasis treatment.  But, in the end, we are sure that you want something that is both safe and powerful enough to treat your psoriasis naturally.  The cure for psoriasis will be hard to discover unless medicine figures out how to modulate the genes in your body or turn off certain immune chemical signals in your body.  Until then, Doctor’s Defense can help you with the treatment of psoriasis plaques and clear skin lesions when they appear.  Why Doctor’s Defense?  We believe in natural remedies for psoriasis, herbal treatments for psoriasis, safe treatments for psoriasis, and above all, effective treatment for psoriasis.  Scan through our psoriasis pictures, read about our doctor support for herbal psoriasis treatment, and real patient testimonials, not just bogus claims and fuzzy pictures like our competitors.  Lots of people need help with psoriasis effective treatment and Doctor’s Defense really wants to help you clear your psoriasis plaques and lesions, not sell you placebo creams.   Feel safe with our 100% full one year refund guarantee.  This guarantee applies to first time orders only.  You’ll love your new psoriasis natural remedy soon if you try Doctor’s Defense and make your own “after” pictures.  Our great doctors would not put their name and reputation behind an inferior product, so try herbal remedies for psoriasis from Doctor’s Defense today.


Eczema often starts with dry skin, but can become so much more in severe eczema sufferers when the inflammation becomes triggered.  There are lots of proposed natural eczema treatments, such as various herbal eczema treatments, moisturizers, and oils, but they can only help to a certain degree in severe eczema cases.  Simply moisturizing is not enough for severe inflamed skin, but is always a component of eczema effective therapy.  Doctors often prescribe medicines, such as topical steroids, anti-histamines, and immune modulators, such as Elidel, to combat the inflammation related to eczema.  Eczema is essentially allergies in your skin and effective natural eczema treatment or natural eczema remedies will focus on safely taming the redness under your skin.  Consider a battleground under your skin with your own immune system that is overreacting to eczema triggers, such as peanut, soy, wheat, cats, dogs, cold weather, detergents, or any other allergy sources.  Steroids can help your eczema skin, but many people get rebound eczema rash or thin their skin out from chronic steroid use.  Also, babies cannot use those topical steroids, especially on their faces where eczema often targets. The best eczema treatment is what works for your skin; sometimes that means you treat eczema naturally, sometimes you opt for herbal treatment of eczema, or sometimes you treat eczema medically. Doctor’s Defense employs natural remedies to treat eczema naturally, treat baby eczema safely, and sometimes even cure eczema naturally in some sufferers.  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers several advantages in the treatment of many medical problems that we face in America. Natural effective TCM therapies found in nature are very safe in general compared to targeted medicines that can affect cell structure and cause side effects.  Also, herbal TCM treatments have evolved over their long history of use for several thousand years among Chinese doctors and herbalists, not just a few dozen years or months for many medicines.  If lotions or moisturizers are not working enough for you, if you have chronic red skin, or if you’re sick of other failed medical therapies and cost, then Doctor’s Defense is worth a try for you.  You purchase is endorsed by great doctors and a 100% money back guarantee for a full year! The eczema pictures, the eczema herbal treatments, the natural baby eczema treatments discussed here are all from real patients and satisfied customers.  Eczema skin is no fun, but at least now you know about the best herbal eczema treatment out there from Doctor’s Defense.


Rosacea (aka adult acne) is a poorly understood skin ailment without a known cause.  It causes red lesion on the face, nose, cheeks that vary from acne like lesions, to red skin, to little tiny red blood vessels.  There are triggers, such sunlight, alcohol, stress, poor diet, makeup, smoking, or spicy foods. Rosacea can sometimes be controlled with natural rosacea treatments or medications, but a rosacea cure remains elusive unfortunately.  However, many people cannot treat rosacea naturally or treat rosacea with diet alone.  Metrogel helps to some degree, but many people tend to burn out after using it awhile and it no longer is effective.  Natural rosacea treatments and herbal rosacea treatments from Doctor’s Defense can help you with the redness component of the problem.  The natural anti-inflammatory effects of Zen Fusion will help you improve the redness and pustules associated with rosacea.  You will notice your skin become smoother and return to it’s natural state with herbal treatment of rosacea.  The tiny blood vessels associated with rosacea are hard to clear with creams, but Doctor’s Defense can absolutely reduce the redness and bumps associated with rosacea.  Severe rosacea can disfigure and scar your skin and nose, so it is best to treat rosacea effectively and treat rosacea naturally as soon as possible.  Again, Doctor’s Defense offers an herbal treatment for rosacea that is safe, effective, and 100% guaranteed for one full year.


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